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What is Broaching?

Broaching is a machining process that pushes or pulls a cutting tool (called a broach) over or through the surface being machined. Broaches are referred to as multiple-point linear-travel cutting tools and are used to produce flat, circular, and even extremely intricate profiles, as seen from a section perpendicular to the tool travel. A broach is a series of single-point tools arranged successively in the axial direction along a tool body or holder. Each sequential tooth varies in size and shape in a manner that allows each tooth to cut a chip of the proper thickness.
The shape and spacing of each broach tooth is determined by the length of the part being broached, the amount of material being removed by each tooth, and tonnage restrictions of the broaching machine. The chip space between each tooth is designed to sufficiently accommodate the volume of chips generated.

automotive broaching examples

The concept of broaching as a legitimate machining process can be traced back to the early 1850s. Early broaching applications were cutting keyways in pulleys and gears. After World War 1, broaching contributed to the rifling of gun barrels. Advances in broaching machines and form grinding during the 1920s and 30s enabled tolerances to be tightened and broaching costs to become competitive with other machining processes. Today, almost every conceivable type of form and material can be broached.

Straddle broaching examples Slot broaching examples Spline broaching, Internal broaching examples
Straddle Broaching Slot Broaching Internal Broaching

These are a few examples of typical straddle broach operations. These cuts are achieved by using opposing straddle broaches and simple hydraulic clamping. Most straddle squares and hexes can be completed in a single broach pass with the use of an automatic indexer, collet and anvil part support. Some examples of typical single and multiple pass slot broaching, and Lock Cylinder Broaching achieved by using standard / interchangeable tooling. To accommodate various part sizes and shapes, the fixtures can be used with an almost unlimited range of work holding jaws, adaptors, and locator nests, either made in your own tool room, or furnished by Ty Miles. Here are some examples of parts that were   internally broached to produce internal involutes, irregular shapes, spline broaching, keyway broaching, or most any hole configuration you can imagine. This can be done on a multi station machine, completing up to 3 or 4 parts per machine cycle.

Automotive Broaching Machines for the Automotive Industry

Miles Broaching has supplied the automotive industry and automotive suppliers worldwide,
with thousands of broaching machines and automated manufacturing systems. Typical automotive 
applications would be broaching transmission shafts, steering wheel hubs, steering yokes, broaching gears of all types, both Internal and External broaching, fuel intake components, and many different automotive parts.
Broaching works extremely well for the automotive industry due to the high volume, tight tolerance applications that are needed to provide uninterrupted production of precision automotive parts. Ty Miles offers many types and styles of broaching machines to the Automotive Industry, from stand alone models to broaching machines integrated into an automotive manufacturing cell.

Some of our Customers Include: Industries that utilize broaching
Daniel Defense
Beretta USA Corp.
The Torrington Company
General Motors Corp.
Ford Motor Company
Daimler Chrysler
G.E. Aircraft Engines
Whirlpool Corporation
Schlage Locks
Sturm, Ruger
Black and Decker
Eaton Corp.
Ingersoll Rand
Kohler Co.
Briggs and Stratton
Delphi Automotive Systems
Baxter Healthcare
* Aerospace
* Automotive
* Appliance
* Firearms
* Locks
* Defense
* Mining Equipment
* Energy Production
* Medical
Customers from many diverse industries decidedly choose the broaching advantage for the superior quality that broaching can achieve, while saving time and money. See our sample of industries that have benefited from Miles Broaching technology.
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