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Broaching Machine - Light Duty Model

Miles standard light to medium duty broaching machines have always been popular.
This style of broaching machine can use standard broach tooling to do a wide
variety of broaching, and also because it's so mobile. It has a self-contained hydraulic system and can be furnished on wheels so one man can quickly move it to a needed work station (for example, to fill in "dead time"). It does light to medium broaching (up to 5 tons) at ram speeds up to 150 FPM. It's an economical way to get started in high speed broaching and literally multiply your production rates over milling. Available with standard/interchangeable tooling to accommodate various
external broaching and internal broaching  requirements. Good choice for gear broaching.
Standard machine Models: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", and 60" broach stroke capacities.


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  Gear Broaching for the Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

Miles broaching machines are a good choice for both internal broaching and external broaching of gears.
Some common applications would be circular and non-circular holes, spline or keyway broaching.

Internal Spline Broaching Video - Click to View

Internal Keyway Broaching Video - Click to View


Gear Broaching Examples

Precision Broaching of Gears - Click to View


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